Early Readers Book Club – “Moo!”

Sometimes all you need is one awesome activity to keep the kids engaged all hour long.

This week we read the hilarious Moo! by David LaRochelle.


Then we made our own versions of Moo featuring animals of our choosing!

This must be the easiest, budget-friendliest kids activity there is – all you need is a stack of plain paper and various colouring implements. We simply folded our papers in half to make rudimentary booklets, which we then stapled together.


We worked on this craft for the entire hour, and the room was so quiet you could’ve heard a pin drop. The level of concentration was impressive.



This week’s activity was so much fun and so popular, I don’t know how I can top it next week! I highly recommend trying an activity like this with school-aged kids – their creativity is always a thing of wonder.

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