Review Policy

So you want me to review your children’s book?

Wow, that’s so exciting, thank you! Before sending me a copy of your book or a review request, please take a moment to read my review policy.

What I Accept:

– Picture books (fiction / nonfiction)

When requesting a review, please provide:

– a summary of your book
– a brief bio
– an few words on why you think your book might be a good fit for my blog and my readers

Review not guaranteed!

Before sending me a review request please understand that even if I agree to accept a book, I do not guarantee that I will post a review on my blog.  I am not a professional reviewer or blogger, and I only blog in my spare time for my own enjoyment, so I’m pretty picky about what I read and/or write. I do not work to deadlines, and I write and read at my own pace. I  reserve the right to NOT post a review of your book, whether it’s because I didn’t have the time to read it or didn’t have much to say about it. I also do not make any income from this blog, and do not receive compensation in return for reviews.

Honesty is the best policy

We all enjoy different books –  one reader’s trash is another reader’s treasure, as they say. Please understand that I prefer to only share reviews of books I personally enjoyed or think my readers might enjoy or find useful. By requesting a review or sending me a copy of your book, you are acknowledging that you might receive a review that is less than positive (though always respectful), or no review at all.

Additional Opportunities

I am always interested in connecting with writers, illustrators, bloggers, and other children’s book lovers! Please feel free to contact me about:

author interviews
blog tours
guest blogging opportunities, either on my blog or on yours!

Get in touch!

You can email me at janekwhittingham (at) gmail (dot) com

I do try to respond to all requests, but please remember that I am a hobbyist blogger, and I fit writing in around my other responsibilities. I might not respond to every request, but thank you for considering me all the same!