Nonfiction Wednesday – July 6, 2016

Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge 2016 is a weekly celebration of imaginative children’s nonfiction materials hosted by Kid Lit Frenzy.

This or That? The Wacky Book of Choices to Reveal the Hidden You

My Two Cents: When it comes to crowd-pleasing nonfiction for kids, National Geographic Kids keeps bringing us hit after hit. This or That is a bit of an older title, but it’s definitely still work taking a look at. I recently shared it with a visiting elementary school class, and they devoured it. Personality quizzes are always popular, and This or That turns these quizzes into an activity that’s both fun and educational. Kids go through a series of questions and pick one of two options, with each choice revealing something about their personality while introducing them to interesting and eye-opening facts.

Here are some examples:

a) Your head has a built-in helmet, or

b) Your belly has a built-in suitcase

Pretty weird stuff – apparently you’re picking between being a woodpecker or a kangaroo!

There’s actually a lot of great information packed into this book, together with a tonne of great photos and humorous illustrations. This isn’t really a research resource, especially since there isn’t an index, but it is a lot of fun for recreational reading, especially for reluctant readers or kids who aren’t necessarily huge fans of fiction. Learning can be fun, kids!