Family Story Time – March 13, 2015

Another Friday, another set of story times! We had a smaller group at family story time today – it’s spring break, and a lot of branches take a story time break, but we decided to motor on through, even with a smaller group than normal. To be honest, though, this smaller size was just about perfect – we had about 65 people in our meeting room, and it was really nice – not too empty, not too crowded. Here’s what we did!

Welcome Song: Hello, Friends

Book 1: Ten in the Den / John Butler


Hand Rhymes

  • I wake up my hands
  • Wiggle your fingers
  • Open-shut them
  • Roly poly
  • Little turtle in a shell, sitting so still…

Book 2: The Wheels on the Bus / Jane Cabrera


Action Songs

  • Zoom zoom
  • Twinkle twinkle little star
  • If you’re happy and you know it
  • The elevator song
  • Orca whale

Goodbye Song: Goodbye, Friends!

Remarkably similar to last week’s family story time, but I’m still struggling with my voice and my stamina, so I’m sticking to the old standards until I’ve got a bit more of my juice back!

Funny story – a mother came to tell me how her little girl was so upset at the part in “Ten in the Den’ when all the other animals have rolled out of the bed, and it’s just the little mouse alone in the den, missing his friends. So empathetic, and so sweet!


Baby Story Time – November 21, 2014

While our family story time shrank a little today, our baby story time had its biggest crowd yet. Most of our babies are pre-mobile, though, so it’s still a very easy-going, manageable group.

Welcome Song: Hello, Friends!

Touching Rhymes/Tickles

  • Wake up, feet
  • Say hello, can you touch your nose?
  • Baby put your pants on

Book 1:Ten in the Den / John Butler



  • A hippopotamus got on a city bus
  • Bumping up and down in my little red wagon
  • Pudding on the plate
  • The grand old duke of york

Book Two: Please, baby, please! / Spike Lee


Movement Songs

  • Love somebody, yes I do
  • Zoom, zoom, zoom
  • The elevator song

Goodbye song: Goodbye, Friends!

We ran out of time today! Ten in the Den was so much fun. All the parents joined in with the singing, and rolled their babies over as we sang “roll over, roll over”. But that book takes a while to sing! I had intended to do a few new soothing songs at the end, but we just ran out of time. We had quite a few new faces in the audience, so we sang everything a few extra times, just to give everyone a chance to participate and feel comfortable.

As I’ve said before, I really feel like I’m finally getting the hang of baby time, and I really look forward to it every week.

I won’t be doing story time next week, as I’ll be off at a Mother Goose training workshop, and I’m going to miss my little group so much, I hope they will miss me!