Baby Story Time – May 15, 2015

Yesterday was our last spring story time session – we’re on a bit of a break now until July. We had a full house again, and interestingly we had a few new faces in the crowd. I’m also pleased at how many dads we have attending story time – it’s great to know that we’ve created a space in which all different kinds of caregivers feel welcome.

Welcome Song: Hello, Friends!

Touching Rhymes/Tickles

  • Well hello everyone, can you touch your nose?
  • Grr grr went the little brown bear one day
  • Slowly, slowly
  • Head and shoulders
  • Slice slice the bread looks nice

Book 1: All of Baby Nose to Toes / Victoria Adler



  • Giddyup horsey
  • Gregory Griggs
  • Pudding on the plate
  • A hippopotamus got on a city bus

Book Two:Noisy Farm


Movement Songs

  • London bridge is falling down
  • Up, up, up in the sky like this
  • Zoom zoom
  • The elevator song

Soothing Songs

  • Come under my umbrella
  • Orca whale

Goodbye song: Goodbye, Friends

I shorted “Nose to Toes” a bit – there’s a lot of text on each page, which is lovely, but I have a large group of squirmy babies, so I often have to make some adjustments to my picture books to make them fit my audience a bit better.

“Noisy Farm” is an awesome baby book – simple text, bold illustrations, flaps to lift, and animals noises to make, what could be better in a baby book? 🙂 I also have a very obliging group of caregivers who don’t bat at eye at being asked to oink like a piggy!

I also had a few new faces in the audience who had never attended any story times before, so I tried to pick short, very repetitive songs whenever possible, and we sang everything at least twice, to help the newbies get the hang of things.

I can’t believe we’re wrapping up until July – some of my little guys will have grown so much by then, they’ll be graduating into family story time!