Baby Story Time – January 16, 2015

Lots of new faces at baby time today – a few of my babies from last year have aged out of the program, and we had a lot of new mums with little ones. We had 60 people (we count adults and babies, so it was roughly 30 adults and 30 babies), which was about as big as we would want to go in that space – babies need lots of room because they all come with little blankets and mats for tummy time!

I’m still surprised at how much I look forward to doing baby times now. When I first started, back in September, I was so terrified. I didn’t know how to relate to the parents and grandparents – I was so used to interacting with toddlers and preschoolers that I felt awkward interacting with adults! I remember one of the mum’s telling my manager to “tell that girl (me) not to be so nervous – we won’t bite!” Now that I’ve got a structure and routine that I’m comfortable with, and a good core repertoire of songs and rhymes at my disposal, I feel a lot more confident, which in turns makes my delivery more natural.

I also had a baby chewing on my shoes….nothing like baby slobber on my toes! Yet another reason why I only buy cheap shoes that I won’t mourn when they inevitably get tossed. 🙂

Welcome Song: Hello, Friends!

Touching Rhymes/Tickles

  • Wake up feet
  • Eyes nose cheeky cheeky chin
  • Orca whale
  • Roly poly

Book 1: Spots, Feathers and Curly Tails / Nancy Tafuri

Spots, Feathers & Curly Tails


  • You be the lemon
  • A hippopotamus got on a city bus
  • I want someone to buy me a pony
  • A smooth road
  • The grand old duke of york

Book Two: Pete the Cat Old MacDonald Had a Farm / James Dean


Movement Songs

  • What shall we do with lazy Katie?
  • My bonny lies over the ocean
  • Zoom zoom
  • The elevator song

Soothing Songs

  • Rain is falling down

Goodbye song: Goodbye, Friends!