Poetry Friday: Bringing the Outside In


We’re bringing the outside in, oh,

Bringing the outside in…

Anyone who has ever explored the great outdoors¬†with an enthusiastic young child will immediately recognise the four adorable little adventurers in Mary McKenna Siddals’ beautiful ode to childhood,¬†Bringing the Outside In.

Over the course of a year, four little children joyfully explore the natural world around them – jumping in muddle puddles, building sandcastles, splashing in the sea, leaping into piles of leaves, building snowmen and much more!


And of course, as all children do, they bring the outside in!


Oh how I love this book. I love the diverse group of happy children. I love Patrice Barton’s soft, joyous illustrations that capture little ones in all their wiggly, energetic, enthusiastic wonder. I love Siddals’ bouncy text that just begs to be read aloud. I love this celebration of the old-fashioned joys of an unplugged childhood spent outside in nature, exploring, learning, and growing by experiencing and getting messy! I love that these little children are shown working together to help clean up their messes, taking responsibility and modelling great life lessons for little readers.


Bringing the Outside In is a beautiful celebrate of the seasons and a loving ode to childhood wonders that’s perfect for reading aloud with the little ones in your life. Lots of fun, and loads of love in this one. Definitely worth checking out.