Five Finds – Grandparents in Picture Books

A local preschool teacher came into the branch looking for stories to share on grandparent day. She was particularly interested in picture books featuring diverse, contemporary representations of family units. Here are just a few of the many wonderful picture books available today that celebrate these important family members, who come in all sorts of different varieties.


Sometimes It’s Grandmas and Grandpas

A little girl who is being raised by her grandparents is reassured that although her family might look different from other families, it is still filled with love.

Mango, Abuela and Me

An English-speaking young girl struggles to communicate with her Spanish-speaking grandmother, until a friendly parrot provides the perfect bond-strengthening opportunity.

Last Stop on Market Street

A little boy’s Nana helps him discover the hidden beauty of their urban neighbourhood.

My Two Grannies

A biracial child explores the joys and potential challenges of having grandparents from very different cultures.

Silas’ Seven Grandparents

A loving representation of the diversity of contemporary families, in which a young boy finds an imaginative way to spread his love equally among his seven very different grandparents.