Felts for the Artistically-Challenged

I’m rubbish at making felt stories. I’ve tried all the tips and followed all the guidelines, and my felt animals always come out looking like they’ve barely survived a shark attack. Not pretty.

I never thought I’d be able to make my own felt stories, until I discovered this!

laminatorThis $29.99 bad boy and the corresponding laminating sheets have made my felt story dreams come true!

I simply find colourful clip art images (Kizclub.com is one of my favourite resources), print them out in colour, and run them through the laminator. Then it’s just a matter of cutting out my laminated characters!


I attach a bit of self-sticking “hook and loop fastener” (aka no-name brand Velcro) to make everybody stick to the felt board. I bought mine in a roll at the dollar store.


I recently discovered that my library has a label maker, and it made my organization-loving heart skip a beat. I store all my felt stories in clear plastic sleeves for easy viewing, then label each sleeve with the label maker. When I’m feeling energetic I’ll even layer the characters in the order I’ll need them.


So, if you’re as rubbish at crafts and artistic pursuits as I am, fear not – you too can now make professional-looking stories that are long-lasting and will survive the occasional trip inside a toddler’s mouth.