Poetry Friday -September 9, 2016



I’ve decided to join the supportive, poetry-loving Poetry Friday community and share some of my favourite children’s poets and poetry titles.

I’m kicking this series off with one of my all-time favourite books of poetry:


Tyrannosaurus Was a Beast by Jack Prelutsky.

Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do poetry. At least, that’s how a much younger, dinosaur-obsessed me felt when I discovered this classic collection of dinosaur-themed poetry.

That’s right.

Dinosaur-themed poetry.

In Tyrannosaurus Was a Beast, Jack Prelutsky celebrates the world of dinosaurs in all its toothy, scaly glory.

Tyrannosaurus was a beast,

that had no friends to say the least.

It ruled the ancient out of doors,

and slaughtered other dinosaurs.

Now THAT is a poem that kids can get behind!

Writing poems about dinosaurs might seem a bit odd, but what better way to get kids excited about poetry than to introduce them to poems on subjects they’re already passionate about? As a child I would’ve had no interest in poems about flowers or trees, and sweet little poems about sweet little children would’ve put me to sleep.

But poems about dinosaurs that slaughtered other dinosaurs? Holy cow, how exciting is that?!?

These poems aren’t just a great way to get kids excited about poetry – they’re also deceptively educational!

When it comes to poetry and kids, never be afraid to think outside the box, and try to let the children’s natural passions and interests be your guide.

Poems about dinosaurs. What will they think of next? Tune in next week to find out! 😉