Poetry Friday – I Got the Rhythm

As a children’s librarian, I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by poetry every day, even when it’s not labelled as such. Many of my favourite picture books are essentially illustrated poems, with their rhythmic, rhyming texts.

I Got the Rhythm is a fantastic read-aloud with its bouncing, rhythmic, rhyming text that’s sure to get readers of all agesĀ tapping and bouncing to the beat of the city.

A young girl explores her urban neighbourhood and finds herself drawn into the rhythm of the world around her, celebrating and embracing the movement and sharing her beat with everyone around her.

Image result for i've got the rhythm book

This book is absolutely made for reading aloud with a group, and it positively dares you not to join in on the fun, clapping, tapping and bopping to the rhythm. The young girl feels the beat in every part of her, seeing it with her eyes, hearing it with her ears, catching it with her hands and stomping it with her feet. She pops and locks, hips and hops, and lets the music move her whole body, and the simple, repetitive text invites audiences to join in on the fun and express themselves from their heads to their toes!

The colourful cast is diverse (not too sure about that clown though…*shudder*….), and the inner city environment will be at once to familiar to many young readers, who will appreciate its positive portrayal.Ā I Got the Rhythm is brimming with joy, and encourages audiences to find and share the music of life, the everyday rhythms and beats that surround us and move us, but that we are sometimes too busy to notice and enjoy.

Highly, highly recommended – go on, get the beat!