Five Finds – Fictional Librarians

This week’s discussion prompt for the International Librarians Network mentorship program was “librarians in popular culture”, which got me thinking about the different ways that librarians are portrayed in juvenile fiction. From grumpy grey-haired ladies to ninja warriors, librarians in kids’ books take on quite the variety of forms! A quick search for “librarian” returned a pretty eclectic mix of children’s fiction…I think I might just have to add “warrior librarian” to my business card!

(All blurbs taken from the library website)

1. The Ninja Librarians : The Accidental Keyhand / Downey, Jen Swann


Dorrie and her brother Marcus accidently open a portal to Petrarch’s Library, where they discover a secret society of warrior librarians who travel in time, protecting the world’s greatest thinkers from torture and death for sharing knowledge and ideas.

2. Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians / Brandon Sanderson


On his thirteenth birthday, foster child Alcatraz Smedry receives a bag of sand which is immediately stolen by the evil Librarians who are trying to take over the world, and Alcatraz is introduced to his grandfather and his own special talent, and told that he must use it to save civilization.

3. The Legend of Spud Murphy / Eoin Colfer


Will’s mother has the brilliant idea of packing Will and his brother Marty off to the library during the holidays. Doesn’t she know that, not only is the library no fun, it’s also the home of the legendary librarian Mrs Murphy? If you put a foot wrong, she will use her dreaded gas-powered spud gun and you don’t want that – just ask Ugly Frank how he got his nickname! But in Will and Marty, has Spud Murphy met her match . . .’

4. Here Lies the Librarian / Richard Peck

here lies

Fourteen-year-old Eleanor “Peewee” McGrath, a tomboy and automobile enthusiast, discovers new possibilities for her future after the 1914 arrival in her small Indiana town of four young librarians.

5. Evil Librarian / Michelle Knudsen


He is young. He is hot. He is also evil. He is– the librarian. (Young Adult)


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