IMWAYR – October 24, 2016

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I love babytimes.

I love toddler times.

I love family storytimes.

But preschool storytimes must just be my very favourite storytimes of all.

Shh…don’t tell the other storytimes!

I’ve been covering for a colleague’s preschool storytimes for the past few weeks, and it’s been an eye-opening experience. I’ve worked predominantly with babies and toddlers for the past two years of story times, and preschoolers are a whole ‘nother kettle of fish. They’re bright, curious, engaged and oh so very chatty, making them a whole lot of fun to work with.

A lot of the stories I shared with my preschoolers this week have been old favourites, but I have discovered a couple of new-to-me favourites as well!

The Watermelon Seed


A little crocodile loves watermelon more than anything else in the world. But when he accidentally swallows a watermelon seeds, he becomes convinced that it’s going to grow and grow in his tummy and turn him into a watermelon! He eventually burps out the seed (my preschoolers’ favourite part of the story), and all is well. A silly little story with limited text and fun illustrations that are sure to make kids giggle.

Rex Wrecks It


This is a fantastic story for sharing at a preschool or daycare because it centres on learning to play respectfully and to empathize with others. Rex is a little dinosaur who loves to wreck things, much to the dismay of the other little critters in his preschool. How will they ever learn to get along? This is another very simple story with limited text, but it’s great for starting conversations with children about respecting the needs and feelings of others, as well as inferring those needs through observation and conversation.  

And just look at those critters! There’s a robot, a monster, and a unicorn rabbit – something for just about every preschooler! 😉


Stop Snoring, Bernard!


Bernard the otter loves his life in the zoo. He loves playtime, mealtime, and most of all naptime! But when his loud snoring upsets his fellow otters, Bernard sets off to find a place where he can sleep without disturbing anyone. Having grown up with a dad whose snores register on local seismographs (hi, dad!), I can’t help but sympathize with poor old Grumpy Giles, the otter who finally snaps and sends Bernard packing. Can you spot Grumpy Giles?


There’s a great repetitive refrain – stop snoring, Bernard! – that kids will love chanting along with, and the illustrations! Oh, the illustrations!! Zacharia OHora has a distinct, immediately identifiable illustration style that brings so much heart and charm to the story. The little otters are absolutely adorable, and my preschoolers just couldn’t get enough of them!

So many fun new favourites!

Have a great week, everybody!


27 thoughts on “IMWAYR – October 24, 2016

  1. Is Grumpy Giles the one in the top right corner? That otter looks… like he’s having some issues lol. These do sound like cute stories though! The Rex drawing is adorable. I can see why you’d like the preschool reading time, it does seem like that age would be fun to read too since they’d be more curious and excited and able to express their own thoughts about the books 🙂


    • HA yes, good old Grumpy Giles. Preschoolers are just awesome, they really love stories, and they have the cutest and most imaginative responses to the books we read. But oh yes, if they don’t like a story or a song, they won’t hesitate to let you know! 😉


  2. Preschoolers were always my favorite when I worked on the bookmobile and when I worked in the day care years and years ago. I miss those days sometimes, but it is still a great pleasure to purchase books for our library. I know several people I could give the Stop Snoring Bernard book to. Lol. Great picks!


  3. What adorable books, and preschoolers are delightful. There are none in my life right now…sigh. All of the grands are teens or young adults.

    Great-grands are next, I guess. Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog.


  4. These all look cute! I like The Watermelon Seed (he burps it out- how funny) and yeah I can see preschoolers liking that! And Rex Wrecks It- same there. Looks perfect for that age group.


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