Four Cs to Literacy

I wrote this little piece on early literacy for our library’s winter flyer, so I thought I’d share it here with all of you, too. Lucky you! These four C’s are fun, easy ways to support young children as they develop vital early literacy skills.

The giraffe has nothing to do with early literacy. She’s just awesome.



Get your little ones excited about reading by letting them help pick out the stories you share together. Talk to a children’s librarian for great book suggestions.


Turn every story into a conversation. Talking with your child about the books you share together builds their vocabulary and helps them learn to interpret text.


Make reading a regular part of your everyday routine whenever you can. Regularly sharing books with your child sends an important message: Reading is worth making time for.


Sharing stories together can be a wonderful bonding opportunity for you and your child, and helps them associate reading with positive memories and emotions.

4 thoughts on “Four Cs to Literacy

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  2. Reading with your child while cuddling establishes an emotional stability that pays off in spades as a child grows up. I think you nailed it.. this aspect of reading is not given enough credit! Great post!


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