25 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox

  1. “All animals are connected, both within the animal kingdom and to all living things, and we all have aspects of different animals within us.” AGREE!


  2. I’m lucky, I’m the collection development person at my library, so I’ll be sure this one is ordered next week. Thanks for the recommendation!


  3. What a fun book, nice poetry. And oh I wish I had a group of kids to inspire to try writing their own poems based on the totem idea. The idea fits in well with many of our Hawaiian traditions and stories.


  4. Jane, thank you for this! I’m not sure we here across the border would learn of it otherwise, and I can see using this with my 2nd graders for perspective and point-of-view work along with mask poetry, even if they wouldn’t have the explicit aboriginal culture connection. But then we are all descended from aboriginal humans, aren’t we, who once did a much better job of sharing the planet?


    • I really do try to make a point of sharing Canadian books whenever possible – even here in Canada, the majority of our books come from the US of A, and it can be hard for little Canadian publishers to compete. And you’re so right – we are all connected and related when you think about it!


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