Beautiful British Columbia – A Reading Staycation

 My partner and I were planning a brief getaway over the B.C. Day long weekend when we hit a few snags in our plans. Well, one major snag, really – the Canadian dollar. We originally wanted to drive down to one of our favourite cities, Portland, Oregon, for a few days of craft beer tasting and Powell’s Books browsing. High season hotel prices and a weak Canadian dollar torpedoed our plans, though, and we decided to try something a little closer to home – Vancouver Island.

What we found was spectacular – breathtaking beaches and luxurious rainforests in Tofino and Ucluelet, fantastic used book stores and tourist delights in Victoria, and great craft breweries in quirky towns up and down the island. We had a fantastic experience exploring our own backyard.


If you’re politely wondering what the point of all this is, it’s to introduce a little project I’m embarking on, which I’ve unimaginatively dubbed  Beautiful British Columbia : A Reading Staycation. Inspired by the beauty and diversity of my home province, I’m going to be exploring children’s books written and/or illustrated by British Columbian authors over the next few weeks. I hope you’ll join me!

Stay tuned…..


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