Review: Bears in a Band

Bears in a Band

Cute! Cute! Cute!


Did I mention this is friggin’ cute?


This is the latest instalment in a ridiculously adorable picture book series about a group of colourful little bears and their ridiculously adorable experiences. In this entry, the little bears decide to form a band, making all sorts very kid-friendly noises (CLANG! CLANG! TOOTLEY-TOOO!), but their merry music making threatens to come to a grinding halt when they wake up a big, brown, slumbering bear. But don’t worry, this is an adorable book aimed at the toddler/preschool demographic, so the bears don’t get eaten…however adorably.

What can I say, I am an absolute sucker for cuddly disproportionate critters, and these bears have just sucked me right in. The story is simple and sweet, nothing all that Earth shattering but  likely to delight small readers, and those illustrations are just UGH so darn cute! This would be a great addition to a music-themed story time, especially if your library has access to bells/tambourines/shakers or other little noisemakers, so the kids can create their own adorable band (bonus points if you decide to set the beat with your ladle baton).


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