Review: Moonday


How has it taken me this long to discover Adam Rex?! I feel like a bit of a charlatan – I’ve been a children’s librarian for two years I’ve never experienced the strange wonder that is an Adam Rex picture book.

When the moon lands in a child’s backyard it sets of a chain reaction of unusual events that is only resolved by the child’s quick thinking and a scenic drive to return the moon to its rightful place. Is it real? Was it all a dream?  Either way, Moonday is a strange, surreal, darkly lit, understated, whimsical, beautifully illustrated reading experience. It’s a breath of fresh air, perfect for those days when you feel like you’ve seen so many boring, uninspired, overly-commercialized children’s books come across your desk that you think you’re going to scream….or just pass out from sheer boredom, not unlike these kids.

 I can’t wait to discover and explore more of Adam Rex’s picture books!

P.S. When I was a child, I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that people in Australia don’t fall off the bottom of the world, or have all the blood rush to their heads on account of being upside down. This illustration pretty much captures exactly what I thought being in Australia must be like!


2 thoughts on “Review: Moonday

  1. Go read The True Meaning of Smekday now! I mean, right now, drop everything, it’s your highest priority today. Funniest. Book. Ever. The movie caught the teensiest wisp of a hit of what the book has. (I tried Cold Cereal, but it wasn’t the same at all. And I haven’t read the Smekday sequel; I think I’m a little afraid I’ll be disappointed. Because True Meaning was perfect in every possible way. Or maybe it just hit that sweet spot on my funny bone.)

    This book looks gorgeous. I shall look for it at Kidsbooks.


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