Review -Super Happy Magic Forest

Super Happy Magic Forest

I’ll be honest, I was a bit skeptical when I first came across this hyperactive explosion of colour in my library, but I have since been thoroughly converted.

This. Book. Is. AWESOME!

Each spread is a riot of humour, heart, colour and detail. Just look at this spread!!!

There’s just so much to see and explore – it’s like Where’s Waldo but without any specific objective beyond simply enjoying and appreciating each scene.

I love the zaniness of the story and its characters (Trevor the magic mushroom is a personal favourite), and there’s a slight message about not making assumptions or jumping to conclusions (the supposed baddies turn out to be not quite as our heroes were expecting), but really this is just a hilarious bit of crazy, rainbow-coloured fluffy fun, and I’m all for that.

It’s a pretty good laugh for adult readers, too!

There’s a sequel on the way, too – I can’t wait.


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