#IMWAYR – May 23, 2016

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? is hosted by Kathryn at The Book Date, and adapted by Kellee at Unleashing Readers and Jen at Teach Mentor Texts with a children’s/YA focus. This weekly roundup is a great way to discover new blogs and bloggers, share recommended (or not so recommended….) titles, and add to your ever-growing to-read list.

Happy Victoria Day Weekend to my fellow Canadians!! This has got to be one of the stranger national holidays, but hey, I’ll take it.

Buddy and Earl Go Exploring

I love Earl! This imaginative-verging-on-delusional little hedgehog is one of my new favourite picture book characters. He is absolutely irrepressible, always ready for a new adventure, striding into battle like a charming miniature Don Quixote. Poor old Buddy the dog ends up getting dragged into Earl’s adventures, but he’s such a good-natured fellow, and Earl always recognizes his friend’s contributions to their missions. This sequel is a sweet, charming little book, and I really enjoyed it.


I love seeing beloved classics get refreshing makeovers. There’s nothing more disheartening for a librarian than seeing a child turn up their nose at a wonderful books because they’re turned off by a horribly dated cover. When I saw that the first book in Brian Jacques’ classic Redwall series had a new cover, I was inspired to pick it up and give it another whirl. I was reminded why I enjoyed this book so much as a child – it combined two of my favourite genres: animal stories and historical fiction. Matthias the mouse is a young novice monk at Redwall Abbey who dreams of a life of adventure. When a nasty rat and his horrible army threaten the peaceful animals of the forest, Matthias must follow in the footsteps of his idol, Martin the Warrior, and defend Redwall. A classic adventure tale for middle grade readers.

Pillars of the Earth

Confession time….I don’t typically enjoy reading long books. I have a notoriously short attention span, and I’m always losing interest in books and abandoning them without finishing them. A terrible admission for a librarian, I know, but this blog is a safe space, we can all be ourselves here. This book was one of the rare exceptions to my rule, in that I actually finished the entire thing! I do enjoy historical fiction, so it was already right up my alley, and the writing was fast-paced and engaging. Definitely the perfect book for taking with me on a trip to the island by train, bus and ferry!

Hope you’ve all been having a great reading week!!

41 thoughts on “#IMWAYR – May 23, 2016

  1. Buddy and Earl Go Exploring looks cute, and it is nice to see Redwall get updated. I’m not sure I’m crazy about that cover, but it did need something fresh I imagine. I wonder if they’re redoing all the covers…


    • I’m torn too – I love that Redwall is getting a refreshed new look to appeal to a new generation of readers, but I’m not sure how much I like the new look. I’ll have to see what the kids at the library think.


  2. I’ve not seen that copy of Redwall. Have to say I prefer the classic cover, which is very rich and medieval looking. I did have to buy a fresh copy because mine was so worn out. There aren’t a lot of students who read them now, so I only have one copy of each book instead of the two or three I had 15 years ago. Definitely a classic! When Jacques died, I had to e mail parents so that they would tell their children and I wouldn’t have to!


    • I’m glad that Redwall is getting a fresh new look, even if I don’t know how much I like it personally, I’m glad that the publishers haven’t given up on this fantastic series and are trying to attract a new generation of readers. We’ll have to see if the new cover attracts some new readers.


  3. I haven’t read the Buddy and Earl books, and they look fun, Jane. I loved the Redwall series, hope the covers bring new fans! I don’t have a lot of time for adult books, but have been reading a few more lately. I used to like those by Ken Follett, so thanks for sharing that one.


    • I actually borrowed the Ken Follett book from my parents, I needed something to read on the trip home from a visit, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have thought to read it, but I actually enjoyed it! Like you, I’m usually buried in kids books. 🙂


    • There are so many new books coming out every month, and so many old favourites to get caught up on, that I’m sure if I wasn’t being paid to keep up to date with the literature I’d be hopelessly out of touch pretty quickly!


  4. I hadn’t seen the new cover for the Redwall books; so glad it’s come out! And I have to confess that I abandoned The Pillars of the Earth; I was not in the right place to handle the brutality of living in that age. I’ll try it again later!


    • HA yes!! Sometimes I feel like a charlatan of a librarian – I don’t like long books, I frequently abandon books without finishing them, I dog-ear my pages and my book shelf is an absolute mess! 🙂


  5. I’ve started Pillars of the Earth a few times and never made it through. It’s so long! But it’s still there on my shelves, willing to give me another chance.

    My kids LOVED Redwall, although I never got into it. There was also a TV show with the characters, which came on when we got home from kindergarten.


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