Friday Favourites – Oct 23, 2015

Untitled designWhat a cracker-jack week! There are so many things that I have been loving this week – here are just a few.

As you might have heard, we had an election recently in Canada. While yes, we have elected a Prime Minister who’s easy on the eyes, What really excites me is the significant improvement in voter turnout – the highest rate since 1993! There still room for improvement, but I’m heartened to see so many Canadians taking advantage of this precious right.

Doc Brown and Marty are back, and just as amazing as ever.

Google Books – Copyright infringement or accessibility and preservation? 

Cat horoscopes. Because cats.

Check out the winners of this years’ Prime Minister’s Literary Awards, celebrating New Zealand literature across genres.

Patrick Ness came to Vancouver! This makes me feel like I was there (which I wasn’t, sadly!)

Cats who don’t believe in books. Can one ever get enough cats?

And finally….If it fits, I sits – the supercut. Because one can never get enough cats.

Have a great weekend!!


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