Summer Boredom Busters

“I’m boooored”.

summer1Summer is well under way, and by this point it’s beginning to lose a little bit of its shine. Children who once waited with bated breath for their two months of freedom are starting to get restless.

When the kids are grumbling, and their caregivers are coming to the end of their ropes, it’s time to head to the library. The library is filled with free and low-cost ideas to help keep kids entertained during these last few weeks of summer.

A simple display of “summer boredom busters” highlights some of the different craft, art, and game books available in the collection. Puzzle books like “I Spy”, “Where’s Waldo?” and “Find Momo” are great passive activities that can help keep kids entertained on rainy days or during long car journeys.

summer2Don’t tell the kids, but it’ll be back-to-school time before you know it! 😉

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