Rec and Read – July 23, 2015

Today’s theme was “under the sea”. We read The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark – I’m not a huge fan of this book, but my depleted shelves meant my options were a bit limited. I tried to really ham it up, and the kids seemed to enjoy it.


I learned from the previous two weeks’ activities, and chose a craft that didn’t involve any glue or sparkles for easier clean up. A patron donated a ton of DVDs that we couldn’t end up selling in our book sale, so we turned them into DVD fish. I’m always looking for low-budget crafts that don’t require a lot of set up or clean up, so the kids can spend most of their time creating.

To make DVD fish, you need: paper (for the fins), colouring supplies (we used crayons), scissors, tape, Sharpies/permanent markers (to decorate the discs) and discarded discs. We had enough DVDs that we could give each child two discs, and make a double-sided fish that could be hung with string. There are a number of DVD fish templates on Pinterest, and it’s an easy project to put together. We spent about 30 minutes making the craft, and most of the kids were able to finish in that amount of time.

fishcollageIt was our last Rec and Read visit, but I’ll be doing a couple of middle years programs in August, so it was a great experience to work with these guys, as I typically work with a younger crowd.

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