Baby Story Time – July 17, 2015

Hello Song: Hello, Friends!


  • Baby put your pants on
  • Two little eyes
  • Head and shoulders
  • Roly poly

Book 1: Let’s Say Hi to Friends Who Fly/ Mo Willems



  • A bouncing we will go
  • Giddyup horsey
  • You be the lemon
  • Trot trot to Boston

Book Two: If You See a Kitten/ John Butler


Movement Songs:

  • My bonny lies over the ocean
  • What shall we do with lazy Katie?
  • Zoom zoom
  • Elevator song

Soothing songs:

  • Mm-ahh went the little brown bear one day

Goodbye song: Goodbye friends!

I really like branching out and using picture books that aren’t necessarily targeted towards babies in my baby time. I think it’s helpful to model ways in which caregivers can adapt materials for their children when they’re at different ages. I know that several of the parents in my group have older children, so I like to showcase ways in which they can use the same books and songs with all of their children just by making a few adaptations. For example, the Cat the Cat books grow with children – they’re simple and repetitive enough for babies, with big bold text and colorful illustrations, and there are plenty of opportunities for fun animal noises, but they’re perfect for older children who are just learning to read.

Similarly, many of the songs we do in baby time are perfect for older children! While babies love being lifted in “zoom zoom” or “the elevator song”, older kids love jumping instead! Parents can continue using familiar material as their children grow, and can use the same material with several children, just by making a few simple changes. When you’re a busy caregiver, anything that can make life a little easier helps!


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