My on-call story time kit

In addition to my regular weekly story times I pick up on-call story times around the system. While some of these shifts are booked in advance, I do get a few last-minute calls, as well as the odd “whoops we forgot to tell you that we booked you for a story time” shift.

I like to keep a story time bag packed and ready (I use this tote bag), so that I don’t have to worry about assembling my supplies at the last minute. Here are some of the essentials I like to keep handy:

My Story Time Kit

If I’m booked in advance for a story time I like to check out a few age-appropriate titles to have on hand, just in case the titles I want aren’t available at the branch I’m visiting. I’ve also invested in a couple of picture books, to ensure that I always have something I’m familiar with at the ready. I’ve also made a couple of felt stories for myself, so that I can switch them around for a bit of variety.

What do you think of my on-call story time kit? Is there anything you’d add?

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