Language Fun Story Time – May 4, 2015

Final Language Fun Story Time  = Much, much sadness 😥

We did the seasonably-unappropriate “Froggy Gets Dressed” – nothing like reading about getting dressed to play in the snow…in June.

froggy book

But the kids had a blast helping dress both the felt and the puppet versions of Froggy. The puppet version was particularly entertaining, as Froggy’s clothes had been cobbled together from several different toys and dolls, resulting in a pretty spectacular outfit.

felt puppet

We also sang “Head and Shoulders” as a bit of a wiggle break. It also tied in nicely with our extension activities, which included a bit of body part vocabulary practice (“put the hat on his head”, “put the mittens on his hands”, etc).

It’s always sad to say goodbye at the end of a program, and I’m going to miss all my little ones.

But, the next few weeks are going to be a bit mad with Summer Reading Club school visits, activities and other events. Let the insanity commence!

P.S. Folding carts are a librarian’s best friend…



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