Wearing my heart on my (t-shirt) sleeve….

A short but sweet post to show off my latest book-themed purchases.

I am a proud librarian and book nerd, and I can’t miss an opportunity to showcase my passions through fashion.

charlotteI recently picked up this wonderful Charlotte‘s Web t-shirt from book’mark, the gift shop managed by the Friends of the Vancouver Public Library. It’s soft, light and absolutely adorable, and I am very much in love with it. I loved it so much in fact that I had to go back and pick up this Madeline t-shirt. The women’s sizes do run rather small, so I went for the Extra Large in both, though I typically wear a Medium in t-shirts.

The book’mark shop manager informed me that they’ll be getting another shipment of t-shirts from Out of Print sometime soon, so I will be heading back in to see which titles I can add to my collection. They’re actually wonderful conversation starters, especially when working with children – kids are often delighted to see a book they’ve read featured on my t-shirt, and they are eager to tell me everything they know about the story. Graphic t-shirts can be a great way to break the ice when meeting new groups, and they can help dispel any lingering fears kids might have about scary, mean old librarians.madeline

All this aside, I am a nerd, and would probably wear these t-shirts anyway, even if I wasn’t a children’s librarian….

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