Impromptu Mother Goose – May 15, 2015


As I’ve said before, one of the best parts of being a children’s librarian is the variety – you never know exactly what each new day will hold.

I had just finished my story times for the morning yesterday when my manager asked if I would be able to fill in for a sick colleague. Another branch was looking for a co-facilitator for a Mother Goose session. Having previously co-facilitated a MG session I was familiar enough with the format and content, and I am always ready to take on another story time.

Unlike my MG session, which had taken place at the library, this program was being held at a local community center. Fortunately the location was easily transit accessible (hooray for the people’s chariot), as my lack of a vehicle can sometimes make last-minute plans a bit more complicated.

And so I was off on the bus to Kilarney Community Center.

kilarneyStepping in to an established program at the last minute can sometimes be a little stressful, depending on the personalities involved, but my co-facilitator was experienced, friendly, and very relaxed, which is always a plus! I wasn’t familiar with some of the songs they sang, but she was happy for me to teach the group some new material.

The group included babies, toddlers and even a preschooler or two – it was definitely more like a family time than the baby time I had expected. But the children knew what to expect in the program, and were happy with any bouncy jumpy songs we picked. 😉

I did learn a great new (to me) song that I can’t wait to share with my toddlers and preschoolers –

Hurry, hurry drive the firetruck

Hurry hurry drive the firetruck

Hurry hurry turn the corner

Hurry hurry climb the ladder

Hurry hurry spray the water

Slowly slowly drive the firetruck


It’s sung to the tune of “what do we do with a drunken sailor”, and includes fire tucks, ladders and hoses – perfect! I can’t stop singing it now, and I’ll be busting it out whenever I get the chance.

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