Five Finds – Birds, birds, birds

May 2 – 9 is Vancouver Bird Week, a “week-long series of events to celebrate Vancouver’s birds. It was inspired by World Migratory Bird Day, a United Nations-sponsored initiative that recognizes the importance of birds as key indicators of our environment’s health.”

Our branch has a sizable collection of nonfiction bird books, but to celebrate Vancouver bird week I thought I’d share five fun bird-themed picture books!

flowers (2)

The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog / Mo Willems

Pigeon learns about sharing when a curious duckling keeps asking questions about the hot dog Pigeon has found.

 Owl Babies / Martin Waddell

Three owl babies whose mother has gone out in the night try to stay calm while she is gone.

How to Heal a Broken Wing / Bob Graham

When Will finds a bird with a broken wing, he takes it home and cares for it, hoping in time it will be able to return to the sky.

Flora and the Penguin / Molly Schaar Idle

In this wordless, lift-the-flap picture book, Flora and her new friend, the penguin, dance on the ice together and learn to treat each other with respect and kindness.

 Calvin Can’t Fly / Jennifer Berne

A young starling chooses to read books when his cousins are learning to fly, and the knowledge he acquires comes in handy when a hurricane threatens the flock’s migration.


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