An afternoon on the desk in the Children’s Department

Because of the changes to the information services model at my library system, I don’t spend that much time on the reference desk anymore (most of my time is spent doing programming and outreach). The one opportunity I do get to sit out on the desk is when I pick up the occasional auxiliary shift at the Children’s Department at the Central branch, which still has a fully-staffed reference desk.


I love working the desk in the Children’s Department – you never know quite what to expect! To highlight this, I thought I’d share a few of the interactions I encountered during a recent four hour desk shift:

  • Several ¬†international students from a local college looking for animated movies for an assignment.
  • A teacher looking for books on how to make paper airplanes.
  • Several parents looking for specific books (one of whom knew neither the title nor the author of the book they wanted, in which case Google is a saviour….)
  • A teacher looking for science books for elementary school students.
  • A teacher looking for French-language picture books.
  • An ECE student looking for picture books with same-sex parents.
  • A child looking for Minecraft books.
  • A parent looking for information books on trains.
  • An elementary school student looking for three books about Canadian explorers.
  • Another elementary school student looking for three books about the environment.
  • A child looking for music CDs.
  • Several parents looking for reading suggestions to offer their children.
  • A parent looking for Chinese-language children’s books.
  • A teen looking for the next volume in a manga series.
  • An adult patron looking for graphic novel versions of classic works of literature for a teenager.
  • Many, many small children looking for stamps!

UntitledThat’s one of the best parts of working as a children’s librarian – there’s so much variety, and never a dull moment.

If you’re wondering, these adorable little cartoon critters are the stars of the children’s section of our library website!

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