Family Story Time – February 26, 2015

While I am still not fully recovered enough to tackle my own story times yet (heart broken), I was able to cover a smaller story time at a neighboring branch while their librarian visited a school.

The branch is quite small, but very sweet, and I enjoyed the experience a lot. It was so nice to be able to do a story time at all, and this was a perfect was to get my feet wet again. The group was very small, only about 24 people, which allowed for an intimate experience that didn’t strain my weakened lungs.

Here’s what we did for this gentle family story time.

Welcome Song: Hello, Friends

Book 1: Bark, George!

bark george

Hand Rhymes

  • I wake up my hands
  • Open-shut them
  • Roly poly

Book 2: Monkey and Me


Action Songs

  • Zoom zoom
  • Head and shoulders
  • If you’re happy and you know it
  • The elevator song

Goodbye Song: Goodbye, Friends!

It made my heart so happy to be doing another story time, after missing over a month of my own story times (six in total, I think, which is just mind-bogglingly upsetting). Still, I am progressing, ever so slowly, and I am hoping (or trying to hope…) that I’ll be able to do my story times again soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I’d really appreciate the good vibes!!

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