Holiday Crafts for Teens – Paper Christmas ornaments

So, this craft went through a few changes during the planning process…originally the plan was to make felt Santa/elf hats that the teens could wear, but when my coworker and I went to Michaels to buy supplies, we realized that we just didn’t have the budget to buy the big sheets of felt we would’ve needed to make adult-sized hats. We did some quick thinking and some mad internet searching, and decided to make little hat-shaped Christmas tree ornaments out of paper. A little cone of paper could be decorated as a Christmas tree, a santa hat, and elf hat and more.

This definitely wasn’t the most popular craft station, but it did have to compete with stuffed toys and candy, so I can’t really blame it. Still, it’s cheap and cheerful Christmas craft, and one that would be great for school-aged kids, too!

Paper Christmas ornaments


Supplies: Paper, tape/glue, scissors, decorating supplies (stickers, glitter, markers…), paper plates (you’ll see!)

Step 1: Use a paper plate to trace a circle on a piece of paper. Cut out the circle, then cut it in half. Each circle will make two cones.

Step 2: Fold the half-circle into a cone and tape/staple/glue.

Step 3: Decorate and add a ribbon/thread to the top to hang!


We used a hole punch to make little while polka dots and had crafting scissors with different shaped blades available, which the crafty teens put to good use.

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