Family Story Time – December 5, 2014

After missing last week because of a workshop, I was back at story time today, and ready to go. Thanks to my branch manager acting as a bouncer, we were able to keep our group at about 85 people today, but we had to turn 15 or so people away! Thankfully, we’re looking at adding additional story times in the new year, so we’ve made a little survey asking people what days and times work best for them. We have to keep in mind our opening hours and staffing levels, but hopefully we can find a new time that works for everyone, so we don’t have to turn little ones away!

Welcome Song: Hello, Friends

Book 1: What’s Your Sound, Hound the Hound?


Hand Rhymes

  • I wake up my hands
  • When cows wake up in the morning
  • Wiggle your fingers
  • Open-shut them
  • Roly poly

Book 2: The Seals on the Bus / Lenny Holt


Action Songs

  • Bend and stretch
  • Zoom zoom
  • Here we go a driving
  • Orca whale
  • The elevator song

Goodbye Song: Goodbye, Friends!

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