Good Enough To Eat! – Food-themed baby time songs

It’s all about the food today – here are a couple of food-themed lap bounces that I’ve used in my baby times. I don’t typically follow themes when planning my story times, particularly not my baby times, but I must always be feeling a pick peckish when I’m doing my planning, because food-themed songs always seem to make an entrance.

I’m toast in the toaster

I’m getting very hot!

Tick tock, tick tock,

Up I pop!

You be the ice cream

And I’ll be the freezer

You be the lemon

And I’ll be the squeezer

You be the hot dog

And I’ll be the bun

You be the baby

And we’ll have some fun!

(Some versions of this song finish with “and I’ll be the mum!”, but my baby time is pretty diverse, with lots of grandparents and nannies, so I like to use this more inclusive version.)

Pop, pop, popcorn

Pop, pop, pop

You put the corn in the pot

Pop, pop, pop

You shake it while it’s hot

Pop, pop pop,

Open the lid and what have you got? Popcorn!

Pudding on the Plate

Pudding on the plate

Wibble wobble wibble wobble

Pudding on the plate

Candies in the jar

Candies in the jar

Shake ‘em up, shake ‘em up

Candies in the jar

Sausage in the pan

Sausage in the pan

Turn ‘em over, turn ‘em over

Sausage in the pan


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